A Stern Gentleman

D & I have had word from the Duke of Murdann that he will retain the name for his estate elsewhere, paying for a name change. This is terribly exciting as it allows D and I to begin anew. We’ll make the duchy our own, which is what really excites us. In honor of our shared love of The Dark Is Rising, we’ve settled on the name Cafall. Desmond has signed off on it, so it seems to be full steam ahead. My glee is unsettling.

A troll trying to play Borat with the ISC group got a bit of a lecture from me. Some members took offense at my words or tone, and the word ‘stern’ was bandied about. It does not seem they appreciated my rush to defend the honor of our Caledonian ladies and the peacefulness of our chat. My splendid D understood at once why I acted as I did; he was the first to notice that this person wasn’t what they pretended to be. I readily acknowledge that I’m a cold person, but I do not believe that I could have acted otherwise and remained a gentleman.

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Their Graces?

My darling D and I had word today that we would be allowed to take up the Duchy of Murdann in Caledon. It’s been a long-standing wish of mine, one I never expected to realize, but D is my sugar daddy and if I want a duchy, a duchy I will have.

Murdann has landmarks and some history, and it will be a challenge to make it our own while preserving its unique character, but it’s something I can’t wait to begin. It will be two weeks before we can make our transition from our current OS to this new one, but I’ve already started in my head.

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